Downloading Software – Be Careful Where You Get It From

When you need software for your computer or a device for your computer eg:printer , where do you get it from ? You need to use the manufacturers / makers site. For example if I need anything from Microsoft , patches , drivers , software I go to Microsoft. if I need drivers for an Epson printer i go to Epson. What I DO NOT DO is go to a 3rd party site through a Google search such as Cnet where software i may download will install 3rd party toolbars etc to my computer. These are called wrappers , so when you download drivers etc you also get a swag of other software (toolbars , browser extensions ) that will need to be removed as in the installation process you will have to agree to install these to get the drivers you require.  

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Beware Of Toolbars Being Installed In Internet Browsers

I recently had reason to update my Adobe Shockwave Player and when installing it asked whether I would like to install a Free Norton Security Scan.

Norton - shockwave

My strong advise is , with all these additions to downloads that you can be offered , is to say NO.

Do not put the tick in that box.

There are many online virus scanners that will not intrude on your system and to install one with another piece of software is fraught with danger.

Browser Toolbars

Now for toolbars

I have seen many systems with multiple toolbars installed on them , some examples are:

  • Ask
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • My Search
  • Windows Live
  • Alexa
  • Ask Jeeves

My strong advice is don't install these toolbars , they will slow your system down and some toolbars are linked with rootkits and spyware ( not the one's listed above ) 


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