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Beware Of Origin Energy Fake Email Bill

During the last 24 hours many have received ” fake ” emails which purportedly have come from Origin Energy but are in fact fake designed to get you to click the links in them.

The  email uses Origin Energy branding, and uses the subject line ‘Your Origin electricity bill’, with a due date of May 16.”

If you do click the link you will go to a fake Origin Energy Site but that is not the major issue.

It will link to a ” JavaScript dropper” that can install additional malware such as keyloggers that can steal passwords and other information.

The email has originated from servers in France using the domain which was registered in China just days ago.

So What Should You Do ?

The approach should be to treat a billing email just as a reminder to visit the company’s website directly (do not click links in the email) in order to download the a genuine bill.

Look at the from address – Origins address is not

If you have clicked the link , you maybe infected and you need to be certain that you are not – if concerned Contact Me

Audio From FIVEaa – 11th May

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In The Online World Your ID Is Important

Whether you have an Apple account for your Mac , iPad , iPhone or a Windows device or a Google account your ID to log in is important and something you should know , remember and manage when necessary.

All of these require:

  • An email address
  • A password
  • In some cases a recovery email address 
  • A mobile phone number for 2 factor authentication – you really should do this they will not spam you

If you decide for a reason to change your email address which is linked to any of the accounts above , you need to make the change to your IDs before you make the change to your regular email address as if things go wrong you may lose access to that account or have to jump through some hoops to get back in.

Learn how to logon to these accounts and check your details.

Android users take note , you have a Google Account – a gmail address – learn how to access it on a computer.

Apple devices are tied to your Apple ID

Microsoft users need it for Windows 10 , Office 365 , , Hotmail 

IDs can be checked at:

Google Login

Apple ID

Microsoft Account

Computer Security

Have A Yahoo Email Account – It Is Time To Go

Yahoo – it definitely is time to go

First we had 500 million accounts that were hacked , now Yahoo tells us that 1 billion were hacked in 2013 and guess what – your information was for sale on the internet

Yahoo says that affected accounts may have had data stolen such as email addresses, telephone numbers ,dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers – this is not good especially when many use the same across multiple accounts ( which you should not be doing ).

So what is really concerning is that Yahoo has still not identified how the data was stolen.

So what should you do?

  • Change your password again should be the number 1 thing
  • If you used your password and security questions elsewhere , go to those accounts and change them

However if I were a Yahoo user I would delete my account or just stop using it.

More information can be found here :How to delete or protect your Yahoo account