Browser Extensions – When Was The Last Time You Checked

Browser extensions – we all seem to have them but when was the last time you looked as to which ones and how many you have installed. First , a browser extension is a piece of software that you add to a web browser ( Edge , Chrome , Firefox )to add additional features to it , for example an ad blocker. However you really should limit the number of extensions you use in your browser. Just because an extension shows up on an official marketplace doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Lately there have been reports of browser extensions taking advantage of you or you will find browser extensions have installed which you have no idea where they came from , these are usually the result of a browser infection. Check the browser extensions you have installed and remove what you do not know or do not use. You will… Read More

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Internet Browser Not Working As It Should – Time To Reset

Browser not working as it should – maybe time to reset your browser Occasionally you will get issues with your browser – search engine changes to an obscure one – pop ups start appearing when they did not used to It maybe time to reset your browser back to defaults which should fix the issues All browsers can be reset: Chrome it is in – Settings Advanced Edge it is in – Privacy & Security Firefox : Click the menu button , click Help and select Troubleshooting Information.You will be taken to a page with the address about:support.- click on Refresh Firefox

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So What Is The Problem With Antivirus Software

  There is a problem with antivirus software and let me say especially the commercial products. Antivirus software lulls you into a false sense of security – consumers and businesses think that , if I install and have paid for an Antivirus product I will be protected and I can do whatever I want on my computer. This is wrong. Yes wrong. Antivirus products can and do have issues and are great at catching 6 month old issues , thats why they fail against stopping zero day infections in most cases and can cause issues with operating systems , including making them non-booting , slowing them down and breaking some aspects. Google Found Disastrous Symantec and Norton Vulnerabilities That Are ‘As Bad As It Gets’ DELETE YOUR ANTIVIRUS, SAYS EX-FIREFOX DEVELOPER — WHO CLAIMS IT’S WORTHLESS Don’t feel comforted by an antivirus’s security certification Webroot deletes Windows files and causes… Read More

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Keep Your Internet Browser Updated

Your internet browser needs to be kept updated no matter which one you use. Edge and Internet Explorer which is part of Windows 10 will be kept up to date through Windows update. Internet Explorer in Windows 7 will also be kept up to date through Windows Update. Another reason why you need to do Windows updates. If Windows update is not working you need to address that. If you are using Google Chrome here are instructions to update , even though updates to Chrome should be automatic but if you have not rebooted your computer in a while , they may have stopped. Google Chrome update instructions If you are using Firefox here are the instructions Firefox update instructions

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Internet Browsers Not Working As They Should – Here Are Some Suggestions

Occasionally you will have issues with browsers where errors will appear when you are browsing or you just cannot connect to the internet through a network issue. Lets look at some solutions.  Are The Browsers Updated ? Are you running the latest version of the browsers ? Internet Explorer will update through Windows Update but Google Chrome and Firefox will require you to check through the menu  How to update Firefox Google Chrome – go to About Google Chrome in the menu bar and it will check for you Reset The Browsers Reset the browsers to their default states Are You Infected With Malware ? Scan and check – try the ESET Online Scanner  Problems With Add-Ons / Extensions Delete the extensions you have installed and if you really want to put them back add them in one at a time. Windows Updates Does windows update work ? Reset Network… Read More

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Internet Issues – Reset Your Internet Browsers

If you are experiencing problems with your internet browsers , add ons , pop ups etc , it maybe time to reset them back to their default state. On Windows computers , Internet Explorer is an important part of making sure that things run right as it contributes to making Windows Update work properly. But what happens when Internet Explorer stops working? You may need to reset Internet Explorer to its default settings so that it begins to work again. Remember that Windows Update not working can be a sign that you may have a malware infection. So how do you reset your browsers? Internet Explorer Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.Open the Control Panel , find and open – Internet OptionsClick the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you would also like to remove browsing… Read More

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What To Do When You Have Just Bought A New Computer

So you have just unpacked and turned on your new computer.

First follow the instructions on the computer screen until you get to the Windows Home Page.

Check the time and date on the computer

Run Windows update until they are done

Run PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the preinstalled software / trials and pre loaded security software such as Norton or McAfee that you will never use and that just slows down your computer

Install Microsoft Security Essentials if you don't want to pay for a antivirus solution or Nod32 if you want a paid version that runs quietly in the background doing an effective job.

Open Windows Explorer and turn off the hiding of file extensions and make hidden files visible.

Go to folder options

Folder options 
Then open view

View Options 
Remove the tick from " Hide extensions for known file types "

Click on the " Show hidden files, folders and drives "

Install an alternative browser , Firefox or Chrome

Then install the drivers for your peripherals , mouse , keyboard etc though with Windows 7 just plug them in and take the one's offered.

The printer drivers offered with Windows 7 are quiet good so again it is , plug and play.

You can then begin installing your software.  

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What Did I Talk About On Radio w/c 14th April

Heartbleed Security Only change your passwords if you know the site you use has been patched  Consider changing to a password manager Turn on 2 factor authentication if it is available for your site , check if your site is available here  More details on Heartbleed and whether your site has been patched can be checked here  Install A Password Manager Lastpass  Security On An Android Device Concerned about security on an Android device , what do you need to do ? Make sure your device is running the latest version of Android that it can , check in settings in case it has not updated automatically Only download apps from the Google play store  Install Lookout which will tell you if you are downloading a suspect app  Lookout will Protect your device from malware Scan every app to ensure it’s safe Block malicious websites See which apps access your private… Read More

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Fix Your Web Browser If Things Aren’t Running Right

If you have picked up a malware / virus infection this can damage your Windows system files and other settings. Malware infections can modify your Web browser’s homepage and the connection settings which reinfect your computer. This can also cause pop up adverts to appear , interrupt browsing, and generally annoy you. So what do you do? Before you start your Web browser you need to check your homepage and connection settings of your computer. Go to Start, Control Panel, and open Internet Options. Find your Home Page settings, and make sure that it’s not a site you did not set. Then go to the Connections tab and click the LAN settings button. Select Automatically detect settings next, unless your work or ISP requires a proxy.
 Then reset Internet Explorer – Click Here For Instructions For instructions on returning Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the others to their default settings… Read More

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