Catch Up TV On The Computer – No Ads

We all miss some programs on ” traditional tv ” that we may like to catch up with. So here is a great tip for those that watch TV on their computer that they missed on “ normal TV” Commercials annoy people and watching tv on your computer you have to suffer through them , however if you use Google Chrome plus Adblock ( which I have discussed before ) it will keep you safer plus block those annoying ads. This currently works with “ The Block “ & The Front Bar ” plus other shows ( cannot guarantee it will work forever btw – but it currently does) Google Chrome + Adblock – an extension in Google Chrome – a great combination

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Google WiFi – Great Coverage – Great Device – Plus Parental Controls

Looking to expand Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or business and have parental controls if you need them. Then try Google Wi-Fi which uses a mesh network to distribute the internet via Wi-FI What is a mesh network? Google Wifi uses what’s called a mesh network to provide Wi-Fi. A mesh network is a group of devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network; so there are multiple sources of Wi-Fi around your house, instead of just a single router. These Wi-Fi sources are called Wi-Fi points. Since Wi-Fi is broadcast from each Wi-Fi point (and not just a single router), it can provide better coverage over a wider space. The more Wi-Fi points you have, the more you can spread them around your house for better Wi-Fi. And all Wi-Fi points are connected to each other wirelessly. (No need to run ethernet cables all throughout your house!) As long as they… Read More

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10 Steps To Follow For A Malware – Virus Free Computer

How much time and money have you spent in having your computer repaired because you have become infected with viruses and malware ?Infection from virus’s , malware can be avoided if you follow some simple BEHAVIOURAL rules.Remember if you get infected it is YOUR fault not your computer’s.

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Is Someone Else Using My Microsoft – Apple – Google – Facebook Account ?

Microsoft , Google , Facebook , Apple all can show you where and what devices you are signed into.

Why is this a great thing ?

Well if you are having issues with your account and wonder if someone else has access to your account ( they may know your password).

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