Is Someone Else Using My Microsoft – Apple – Google – Facebook Account ?

Microsoft , Google , Facebook , Apple all can show you where and what devices you are signed into.

Why is this a great thing ?

Well if you are having issues with your account and wonder if someone else has access to your account ( they may know your password).

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10 Steps To Follow For A Malware – Virus Free Computer

How much time and money have you spent in having your computer repaired because you have become infected with viruses and malware ? Infection from virus’s , malware can be avoided if you follow some simple BEHAVIOURAL rules. Remember if you get infected it is YOUR fault not your computer’s. The first point to remember is that running antivirus software will not prevent you getting a virus. Antivirus software is there in the hope that it “may prevent ” you getting an infection and once you have virus / malware on your computer it maybe able to remove it. Here are 10 points to follow that should mean an infection free computer. NUMBER 1 – Update  Update your operating system regularly. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows and apply all critical updates immediately Check optional updates on a regular basis , they can in some cases trigger off critical updates. Microsoft issue updates throughout the month so check on the third week – you can find Windows update in the control panel for pre-Windows 10 computers or in settings on Windows 10 Windows 10 will ensure that updates are done – updates not working , you maybe infected NUMBER 2… Read More

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