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Image Your Hard Drive For Restore & Backup



When you install an operating system or you have formatted your hard drive and you have things exactly the way you want why not image your hard drive.

If you take an image of your hard drive you can then restore it to the exact state when you took the " image"

This is especially good if things go wrong.

Macrium Reflect has a free version that was mentioned on Tekzilla recently.

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Image Your Hard Drive

DriveImage xml

So you have reinstalled your operating system and done all the updates , installed your software and it is just the way you want it.

Why not remember this by " imaging" your hard drive now so that you have an exact duplicate of you hard drive so that if you run into problems and need to reinstall you can do so from your " image ".

This is not the same as backing up your documents but it is a way of getting your computer back to it's fresh install quickly.

This particularly useful if you pick up malware , virus infections and want to get your computer back to it's original state.

Software to do this  is  DriveImage XML Backup Software and it's free

However don't forget to read the instructions.