Apple Announcements 17th Oct

Apple made announcements in the very early morning here in Australia. New iPads Apple have sold 225 million iPads and to put that in perspective Apple sell more iPad units in a year than the full PC lineups of Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo 18% thinner 6.1mm and weighs 437g – the last one was 7.5mm thick Not as reflective outside in the sun – Apple are saying that this is the least reflective display of any tablet 40% faster – great for photo and video editing Same 10 hour battery life  Touch ID  Same camera as the iPhone 6 – great camera  Prices start at $619 – slightly cheaper and the price has dropped on the old iPad Air down to starting price of $499 New iPad minis as well are available. There are 5 iPad models available now with the older devices still available at a cheaper price.… Read More

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