iPhone – iPad Myths

You can read lots of tips about the iPhone and iPad on the internet – some are correct others are not – lets look at some that are not Deleting photos and other data off your iPhone or iPad will speed it up. No, you will probably just lose data If you delete apps off your iPhone or iPad will it speed up. No, unless the app is doing a lot in the background Closing apps down speeds up your iPhone or iPad. No. It can actually slow it down and even use more battery when it needs to reload that app. Read more the full list of myths at ZDNET

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Apple Have Some Great Parental Controls For iOS12

Now that iOS12 is here from Apple , it is time to revisit a popular subject – Parental Control.

So what are some new features as a parent you can access on iOS12 using any iOS device that has been updated to iOS12 and remember lots of older iPhones and iPads can make the move.

Here’s a list of every Apple device that supports iOS 12

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Block A Phone Number On Android Smartphone Or iPhone

If you get unwanted phone calls from people that you may want to block it really is very easy. On an Android phone look for the more or the dots in the top right hand corner of the screen and you will be presented with the option to block. On an iPhone Go to your list of recent callers .(open the Phone app, then hit the Recents tab at the bottom). Click the ‘i’ symbol next to the number you want to block, scroll down and tap Block this Caller, then confirm your decision. And to make an appointment for computer or any issues with technology please CONTACT ME

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iOS11 Bluetooth Issues – When Your Car Will Stop Connecting

Many out there are experiencing bluetooth issues with iPhones running iOS11 and staying connected to your car ( experiencing dropouts). I was exactly the same and the following is the only thing that worked for me. Forget the device first – in bluetooth settings Turn off bluetooth Force restart your device (iPhone8) (iPhone7) Then go to settings – general – reset all settings You will have to  reenter a few preferences but my iPhone has worked a lot better and when I turned bluetooth back on it has synced and not dropped out with my bluetooth devices , including my car.

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