Lost Your Connection To The Internet


So your internet connection has stopped working , lets have a look at the issues surrounding this and try to come up with some solutions.

Firstly let's assume you are on ADSL and have a router.

Check all the lights on the router , is there an internet light on.

If there is no internet light on you will have to log onto your router to check if your user name and password has disappeared , this happens occasionally when repair people work on the exchange or you have accidentally reset the router.

If the password and user name is there but the service is down in your router's service page contact your isp as it can be a problem at their end.

In summary here is a checklist

  • Check the username and password in the router 
  • Check the router for lights and power ( when they stop working , they stop working )
  • Check all wires
  • Remember the reset button or hole on the back ( the paperclip is your friend but only insert for a couple of seconds , any more than 10 and you can reset it back to the factory settings)
  • Remember to restart the router after making any adjustments after you have saved your settings
  • Remember to restart your computer
  • Remember to have a copy of all instructions
  • Remember to spell out your password if you have to the ISP , who may or may not be proficient in English
  • Work through all problems , one at a time
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Have a Domain Name – Make Sure Your Contact Details Are Up To Date

If you have had a domain name for a while you may have details associated with it that are out of date. Specifically it is usually an email address you may have used to setup the domain name and may have stopped using this over time. Know how to login to your domain host Make sure you know your registry key so you can transfer your domain if necessary.

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Adelaide Techguy On Radio – What Did I Discuss – w/c 26th May

With the Velo-City Conference currently taking place in Adelaide we discussed cycling tech on 891 Drive today. Apps We Discussed Strava Cyclemeter Map My Ride Internet Problems When you sign up with an internet service provider you need to make sure that the account has the appropriate contacts on it. If it is done through a business make sure that say a receptionist or someone appropriate is also put down as a contact. How owners should make sure that both husband and wife and in some cases their children ( if older ) are put down. The reason is that if there is a fault with the internet ISPs will only talk to the designated people listed and if they have to report a fault then they will only do that after getting authority from a listed customer or contact on the account. When Do You Ring Your ISP? You… Read More

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How Do I Get My Current Email To Go To Gmail

So you have a gmail account now and want your current emails to go to gmail , what do you do? If you have a current email address such as billsmith@bigpond.com you need to log on to your internet service provider and change your settings so that your email which goes to your current address is now forwarded to your email address. You will need to look for the email forward option. You can also get gmail to check your current email addresses with the ” Check mail using pop3 option” This can be found under mail settings then go to “Accounts and import” Then go to ” Check mail using pop3 option” Fill in your details and gmail will get your email from your isp. This can be especially handy until all know your new gmail address.

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Route Your Current E Mail Provider Through Gmail

Sign up for a Gmail account 

Setup your Gmail account on your current computer and make it an IMAP account

Here are the instructions from Google depending on the email client ( eg outlook,windows live mail,apple mail) you currently use.

E Mail setup instructions for G Mail 

Pay particular attention to the advanced settings for the ports 

Redirect your current email to Gmail through your isp

This means logging onto for example Bigpond or Adam and redirecting your email address to your Gmail address

You will now have 2 email accounts on your computer your current one and your Gmail

Setup your Gmail account to match the folders for your current account , folders are labels in Gmail

When this is done , go to the folders in your current email account select all the emails in the folder ( ctrlA) and drag them to the corresponding label ( folder ) in Gmail

You can also highlight them all and ( Ctrl C ) and copy them to the label

You will then have moved all your emails to Gmail


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What To Be Careful Of If You Are Changing Domain Name Hosts

I recently changed hosts in Australia for 2 domain names I have and ran into a string of errors that ultimately brought down 2 web sites ( not Adelaide Techguy ) and brought down the associated email accounts as well. Here is what to look out for: Make sure your contact details are correct with the new domain name host Make sure all the old contact details from the previous host have been changed and updated to the new ones by logging onto your account and checking. Make sure the new domain name host is actually controlling the domain and that there are no links back to the old domain host If you have redirections on your domain names , check they have no relationship to the old host Take note of your expiry date for your domain ,so that you know when your domain needs renewing as you should… Read More

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