Curved TVs , Germ Fighting Gorilla Glass , 7 Years Of The iPhone & An App For Weak Bladdered Movie Goers

Curved TVs – Are They A Marketing Gimmick ? Samsung and LG had new TVs at the recent Consumer & Electronics Show which have curved screens. These screens, it’s claimed, “wrap around you” and “provide a uniquely immersive viewing experience”. The reality is that the curved shape comes with some drawbacks and very little benefit to the viewer. So whats wrong with a curved display ? Curved displays maybe difficult to mount on a wall instead relying on a stand or table top which has issues , especially with younger children. Then there is the viewing angle where although the curve of the displays is relatively small, the edges of the display reduce the viewing angles, blocking the view of people sitting to the right and left-hand side of the screen. These are designed to sit right in front of the screen and in the middle ( great if you are… Read More

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