New Year Tech Resolutions & A Great App From South Australia

New Year Tech Resolutions A new year is time for some change so lets embrace some technology resolutions for 2014  I will realise the importance of keeping my computer up to date  Windows update is your first line of defence against getting malware / virus I will not pay for or download bogus software that they claim will perform miracles and revive their computer  There are many so called “ free “ solutions which will only cause issues – don’t download these  Optimiser Pro Reg Clean  Winzip Utilities – Registry Optimiser I will not talk to bogus telemarketers telling me there is a problem with my computer  Microsoft do not ring anyone and tell them there is an issue with their computer I will treat with great suspicion emails and links in emails If it looks like it was not meant for me it probably wasn’t  I will learn to… Read More

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