Computer Security – It Is What You Do That Counts

Remember – When it comes to computer security it is what you do that counts Email Security When reading emails you have to be very careful and be wary of these emails that contain some of the following: You have not inherited any money  Nobody is going to double your money Video links to the “dancing cat ” or jokes may contain malware  Click here to confirm your details – never do this through an email  Christmas bargains – if it seems too good to be true it probably is  Parcel deliveries – they are not tracked through a link in an email  Remember : If you don’t think it was meant for you it probably wasn’t  Why keeping Windows up to date is like locking up your house  Windows updates are your first line of defence against getting a virus or malware infection Virus and malware infections access “holes”… Read More

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Changing Your Antivirus – What To Do & What I Recommend

So you have decided to change antivirus software on your computer , here is what you should do. First make sure you thoroughly remove your current anti virus on your computer. Your antivirus solution can be un-installed from the Programs section in your Control Panel however some remnants may remain so you need to go to the manufacturers site and look for a removal tool which will remove all remnants of the software. I have included some links below for popular anti virus solutions. Norton Removal Tool McAfee Removal Tool Kaspersky Removal Tool AVG Removal Tool After removal reboot and proceed to install your new anti-virus solution. The two I recommend are :  The FREE solution : Microsoft Security Essentials   – please note , I do not recommend AVG  For a paid solution ESET / NOD32 a powerful antivirus solution that does a great job without slowing your computer down or Norton… Read More

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How Many Antivirus / Malware Software Solutions Do You Need

One If you need a free solution use Microsoft Security Essentials   If you need a paid solution use NOD32 from The days of using multiple solutions such as Super AntiSpyware etc are over. Remember your first line of defence is keeping Windows up to date and software up to date and stop clicking links in emails  

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Comment On Microsoft Security Essentials News

Microsoft Security Essentials is the free antivirus provided by Microsoft but it has come in for some flack in the highly competitive market. after a comment from a Microsoft executive may have been taken out of context. Holly Stewart’s senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center said in the interview. “It’s not as efficient to have one kind of weapon,” she said. “Like anything you must have that diversity. It’s a weakness to just have one.” Some IT sites have taken this to mean that they are saying that you should run more than one antivirus , you cannot do this. You should use only one antivirus as more than one may mean it will not work properly. The weapon she refers should be:  Keeping the operating system up to date , do your windows updates both automatic and optional Keeping your software up to date, Adobe Reader,… Read More

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Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Anti-Virus

Microsoft Security Essentials is the FREE antivirus that I recommend and can run on Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7. On Windows 8 it is already installed and is called Windows Defender.  So who would switch to this and why. Well if you run one of the alternative free software antivirus ( AVG , Comodo ) you should look at swapping because this solution should fit well within the Windows environment because let’s be honest here , nobody knows Windows better than Microsoft. Logic would then dictate that the Microsoft Security Essentials would fit ” hand in glove ” with the operating system. if you have 10 or less computers in your business you can install this on all your computers.  So lets look at the installation and setup. Go to the Microsoft Security Essentials  page and click on the ” Download Now ” tab Once downloaded press “Run” Then Click… Read More

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Virus / Malware On Tablets , Smartphones Should You Be Concerned

The following are some notes and personal thoughts on a discussion I gave last week.  Antivirus companies used to be dominant a few years ago Then tablets and smartphones came along , started to dominate and PC sales started to decline. Microsoft bought an antivirus company in 2005 and labeled it theirs and it has developed into , Microsoft Security Essentials which in Windows 8 is called Windows Defender. Antivirus companies sales went down even further as this was available free to consumers. Then the hype started about virus / malware on tablets and smartphones as their sales began to rise So what are virus / malware infections ? They are malicious software that are designed to damage / disable / the operating system of the device they are on. Security Companies have been trying to capitalise on the ” supposed ” vulnerabilities of tablets and smartphones as their sales have declined. Most… Read More

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10 Steps To Preventing A Virus / Malware Infection

10 Steps For A Virus Free Computer How much time and money have you spent in having your computer repaired be- cause you have become infected with viruses and malware ? Infection from virus’s , malware can be avoided if you follow some simple BEHAVIORAL rules. Remember if you get infected it is your fault not your computer’s. The first point to remember is that running antivirus software will not prevent you getting a virus. Antivirus software is there in the hope that once you have a virus on your computer it will be able to remove it. Here are 10 points to follow that should mean an infection free computer NUMBER 1 Update your operating system regularly. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows and apply all critical updates immediately. Check optional updates on a regular basis , they can in some cases trigger off critical updates. NUMBER 2 Update… Read More

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Backup , Format Your Computer And Reap The Rewards

The computer is one of those rare things that you can make exactly the same as when you first bought it , but yes it takes a bit of work.I sometimes end up having to format and reinstall peoples operating systems and there is a definite order in which this should be done.  First have you backed up everything that you need: The ” My Documents ” folder should contain the bulk of what you need to back up. All your documents , photos , movies , memories etc A folder with your internet favourites saved in  , export them from your current browser or Firefox and Google Chrome will sync them for you if you have adjusted the settings Instant Message Profiles ( Google search on how to do this ) Software you have purchased or downloaded with the activation keys  Music ( you have purchased or downloaded )… Read More

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What You Can Do If Infected By Malware / Virus

How do you know if you have spy-ware?

  • The computer has become slower.
  • Boot time dramatically increases.
  • Your home page has changed.
  • Toolbars appear that you didn’t download.
  • Windows Update stops working
  • New Items suddenly appear in you favorites
  • You search engine changes

So where to from here.

Firstly if using Windows XP , Vista or 7 scan your computer with Windows Defender and Windows Security Essentials
If it has been disabled try and start it and scan your system.
Check if you have open ports on your system by going to and go to ShieldsUP and running the program ShieldsUP
If it shows open ports that are a vulnerability ,then try and close these ports in your firewall setup.

Install and run what appears to be now the new favorite for spy-ware removal SuperAnti Spyware ,follow the installation instructions and leave at defaults.
Make sure you update the program before running.
Run this program in safe mode by rebooting your computer and pressing F8 as soon as the computer begins to start.
If successful at doing this you will be given options to start , choose safe mode.
Now run SuperAnti Spyware , action what it finds.

Then reboot your computer again into safe mode and run SuperAnti Spyware again , action what it finds and repeat until it finds nothing.

Next download and install Malware Antibytes run it again in safe mode, update it and do a full system scan.

Action what it finds.

you have done all the above and done a full system scan with your
anti-virus program and your computer is still not behaving properly.

REMEMBER there is no guarantee when removing spyware or virus’s that you will be able to remove all traces.

This leads to the final solution , format and reinstall your operating system.

This is the only guarantee that you have that all traces will be removed.

When reinstalling put on SuperAnti Spyware and Adaware along with Windows Defender and your antivirus of choice.

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