Cryptolocker Update – It Is Still A Big Issue

I am still seeing a lot of people fall for Cryptolocker through clicking emails that will cause it to run through their computer and infect any drives that are attached. Do not fall for the: Australia Post email Banking Emails Telstra Emails saying you will get a refund AGL Invoices Fictitious invoices and statements I am also seeing people who are saying that they have had their computer cleared of Cryptolocker ( they do not get their files back btw ) by running an antivirus solution through it. Let me emphasize : If you have been infected with Cryptolocker it is the ” scorched earth policy “, your computer has to be wiped back to factory settings and all drives on that machine have to be wiped , you then need to reinstall from a known good copy of Windows. You can then put your programs back. An antivirus solution… Read More

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