Is The Microsoft Surface RT A Good Deal Now The Price Has Gone Down ?

I bought a Microsoft Surface RT and had it on day 1 of release as i wanted the first computer that Microsoft had made.  It has come into great criticism over that time and I believe Microsoft marketing did an average job at best at defining a market for the Surface and explaining the whole Windows RT v Windows 8 scenario. So what is the Surface good for:  It has a full version of Office 2013 and with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update also Outlook for email. That means you get:  Word Excel Powerpoint One Note and with Windows 8.1 , Outlook You can store all your documents etc on an external hard drive or on Microsoft Skydrive. Remember this is a tablet / computer is designed for portability.   You can view movies , look at photos  and it has a USB port. It is a locked down operating… Read More

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