We Do Not Defrag Anymore

What is Disk Defragmenter ? When you create a document and you add to it and save it , your Windows computer does not just write over your original file when saving it. The file is instead saved onto a different part of your drive. After extended use and time, these chunks of information become scattered, or fragmented, which can slow down the computer’s ability to open files quickly. If you used to manually run Disk Defrag on a regular basis , understand that Windows 7 – 8 will do it automatically. You do not need to do it or run 3rd party programs to do it. Windows 10 – Where Is Disk Defrag ? In Windows 10 you will not find Defrag but ” Optimise” If you have a solid state drive that you installed in Windows 7 or 8 – you definitely should not be “defraging it” , it… Read More

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