Outlook Not Working Today – There Is A Worldwide Issue

Outlook today has been hit with a visibility issue. Details are at this link Microsoft Outlook hit by worldwide ’email visibility issues’ So you may want to give emails a miss today. Read more

Emails – Stop Clicking Links – Look At The Address

Phishing scams use emails that appear to be from a legitimate organisation or business you know. They email will be about gaining your trust so you will click on the link to a fraudulent website,... Read more

Emails – Ever Received One In Another Language

If you have ever received an email in another language and struggled to translate it. Well did you know that you can get Outlook to translate it for you ? Here is a link to... Read more

The Issue With Outlook

Outlook can and does have issues for many people and businesses out there  Email correspondence is very important to us but sometimes things can go wrong - read the full post for more details Read more

Using Outlook And Getting Lots Of Junk – Have A look At Your Settings

Many people still use Outlook for their emails and get many junk emails coming through but have not taken the time to adjust their junk email settings. When I visit clients they have never altered… Read more

10 Of My Favourite Apps

I was asked for a radio segment on FIVEaa to list some of favourite apps that I use on a regular basis. Read more

What To Do About Spam – Junk Email – Stop It Before It Lands On My Device

There are 2 initial ways for people to try and stop spam or unwanted emails from appearing on your devices. Filter them after they arrive  on your computer / tablet / smartphone- this means tagging... Read more

Control Your Email With Rules & Labels

Email can be frustrating when your inbox fills with emails you did not want and will never read from the same people / businesses / organisations that you just end up deleting. If you run... Read more

Time To Gather Your Contacts & Sort Them Out

Many use Microsoft Outlook and have their contacts in this piece of software but at the same time also have them in their smartphone and tablet and somehow end up with contacts all over the... Read more