Using Outlook And Getting Lots Of Junk – Have A look At Your Settings

Many people still use Outlook for their emails and get many junk emails coming through but have not taken the time to adjust their junk email settings.

When I visit clients they have never altered their junk email settings as it is usually at the default setting of No Automatic Filtering.

There are however other settings that you can choose which will be far better at capturing Junk

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What To Do About Spam – Junk Email – Stop It Before It Lands On My Device

There are 2 initial ways for people to try and stop spam or unwanted emails from appearing on your devices. Filter them after they arrive  on your computer / tablet / smartphone- this means tagging them as spam or junk and moving them to a spam folder. This does mean they will arrive on your computer / tablet / smartphone , then you have to do something about them. Filter them before they arrive on your computer / tablet / smartphone which means doing it at your internet service providers online email page ( webmail ).This means they will not appear on your computers / smartphone / tablet inbox. This does take time to work as you have to train the email client to recognise the unwanted emails and delete them. However doing it at your ISP webmail page means them not being downloaded to your device where you have to… Read More

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Control Your Email With Rules & Labels

Email can be frustrating when your inbox fills with emails you did not want and will never read from the same people / businesses / organisations that you just end up deleting. If you run Outlook or Gmail you can create rules for Outlook and Labels for Gmail so that you never see those emails and they just appear in a spam folder or the deleted folder. The following are 2 articles that will help you understand how to achieve a better inbox How to use Outlook rules to easily organise your inbox Understanding Gmail – Inbox management 

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Time To Gather Your Contacts & Sort Them Out

Many use Microsoft Outlook and have their contacts in this piece of software but at the same time also have them in their smartphone and tablet and somehow end up with contacts all over the place and no real structure. First thing you should do is export your contacts from Outlook to a CSV file  Export Contacts From Outlook Now you will have a CSV file of your contacts from Outlook so the next step is to upload that file to contacts in Gmail which you can find by clicking the dropdown box to the right Once uploaded to Google then find duplicates then sort out your contacts for items such as old information. Now you have a copy of all your contacts , on the internet ( they are backed up ) and sorted via Google  More information can be found here Google Contacts  

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Adelaide Techguy On Email Overload

EMAIL OVERLOAD Stop checking all day , people think it is like a poker machine where the next big thing will come along Put your emails in folders Action emails then archive or delete Use search to find old emails Set aside a time period where you action emails OUTLOOK Set up “rules” and “quick steps” for those that use Outlook Quick steps perform actions such as move this message to my “ to do “ folder Rules will perform an action such as all messages with the word ‘ Viagra’ send to the deleted bin Archive old messages Be aware of the size of your mailbox ONLINE EMAIL ACCOUNTSStoring online – you always have a backupHave a strong passwordTips For – the old HotmailFilter messages – only see what you want to see , Click unread for all the unread ones or Social for all the Facebook etc… Read More

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Bring That E Mail Message Back With Outlook

Yesterday I wrote about recalling e mail messages in Gmail , well you can also set up a function in Outlook that will delay you sending the message so you have time to correct or change your mind when sending an e mail. You can set up the rule by going to Tools, then Rules and Alerts , then new rule. Start a blank rule that will “Check messages after sending.” Then click next at the bottom of the rules wizard and you will receive a warning that this rule will apply to all messages The next screen should have an option to “defer delivery by a number of minutes.” Decide on the number of minutes you want to delay the message for , click OK, next. skip exceptions, specify a name for this rule, and click Finish.

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