Get Rid Of The Crap On A New PC

Many new computer’s come with software and trial versions of software that you will never use or need. Some examples are: MSN Toolbar Ask Toolbar Norton Online Backup Acer Registration Activate Norton Online Backup PDF Complete eBay Worldwide Skype Toolbars HP Advisor Bing Bar This is software that you should never have on your computer. Well install and run PC Decrapifier This will remove these and many more programs that you will never need and give your new computer a good clean start.

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What To Do When You Have Just Bought A New Computer

So you have just unpacked and turned on your new computer.

First follow the instructions on the computer screen until you get to the Windows Home Page.

Check the time and date on the computer

Run Windows update until they are done

Run PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the preinstalled software / trials and pre loaded security software such as Norton or McAfee that you will never use and that just slows down your computer

Install Microsoft Security Essentials if you don't want to pay for a antivirus solution or Nod32 if you want a paid version that runs quietly in the background doing an effective job.

Open Windows Explorer and turn off the hiding of file extensions and make hidden files visible.

Go to folder options

Folder options 
Then open view

View Options 
Remove the tick from " Hide extensions for known file types "

Click on the " Show hidden files, folders and drives "

Install an alternative browser , Firefox or Chrome

Then install the drivers for your peripherals , mouse , keyboard etc though with Windows 7 just plug them in and take the one's offered.

The printer drivers offered with Windows 7 are quiet good so again it is , plug and play.

You can then begin installing your software.  

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Backup , Format Your Computer And Reap The Rewards

The computer is one of those rare things that you can make exactly the same as when you first bought it , but yes it takes a bit of work.I sometimes end up having to format and reinstall peoples operating systems and there is a definite order in which this should be done.  First have you backed up everything that you need: The ” My Documents ” folder should contain the bulk of what you need to back up. All your documents , photos , movies , memories etc A folder with your internet favourites saved in  , export them from your current browser or Firefox and Google Chrome will sync them for you if you have adjusted the settings Instant Message Profiles ( Google search on how to do this ) Software you have purchased or downloaded with the activation keys  Music ( you have purchased or downloaded )… Read More

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