What Did I Talk About On Radio – W/C 5th May – Updated

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Microsoft have patched the vulnerability however: Were you able to install it? Did Windows update work to patch it ? If not you are in trouble.They even patched it for Windows XP, which is wrong as you should not be using IE on Windows XP , you should be using Google Chrome.It is quiet safe to download Google Chrome through Internet Explorer  Piracy There appears to be a crackdown on piracy coming with the Federal Government looking to implement measures as early as this weekThere are 2 options they are looking at :•    A 3 strike for copyright infringers then litigation, charges and removal from the isp•    Blocking pirate sites Google have come out and said that the answer to all this is a pricing and availability. It is a new business model that needs to be implemented as the music industry has adopted.In Australia we don’t have the… Read More

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