What Did I Talk About On Radio – W/C 5th May – Updated

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Microsoft have patched the vulnerability however: Were you able to install it? Did Windows update work to patch it ? If not you are in trouble.They even patched it for Windows XP, which is wrong as you should not be using IE on Windows XP , you should be using Google Chrome.It is quiet safe to download Google Chrome through Internet Explorer  Piracy There appears to be a crackdown on piracy coming with the Federal Government looking to implement measures as early as this weekThere are 2 options they are looking at :•    A 3 strike for copyright infringers then litigation, charges and removal from the isp•    Blocking pirate sites Google have come out and said that the answer to all this is a pricing and availability. It is a new business model that needs to be implemented as the music industry has adopted.In Australia we don’t have the options such as Netflix etc where we can see the shows the same or the next day as they do in other countries. Google : Australian Piracy Is An Availability And Pricing Problem Australian Piracy Crackdown Coming ” As Early As This Week  Facebook  if you have an issue in… Read More

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