Windows 10 Update Not Working – Programs Not Needed Maybe A Reason

I have seen several computers that when they try to update to Windows 10 it basically “sticks “and turns into a ” brick ‘ so what do you do ? First you need to start or try to start your computer in safe mode. Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode If windows 10 starts in safe mode you can then move onto the next steps. Look for programs that maybe stopping Windows 10 loading and on the computers I have seen that is usually a ” bogus” program that is a: Driver Updater ( Not Needed ) Speed Up My PC type program ( bogus ) – not needed Utilities program – SlimCleaner ( bogus ) – not needed Registry Program – clean up the registry – not needed Complete removal of these programs with an application such as Geek Uninstaller  usually does the trick and then scan your computer… Read More

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Registry Cleaners & Driver Updaters Really Annoy Me

Lately I am seeing a resurgence of people using registry cleaners and driver updaters that promise the world but rarely deliver and in some instances can do some damage or if you have downloaded one from an ad , it can infect your computer with malware. The ones to especially steer clear of are , the ads on the internet that offer to scan your computer. The windows registry is a database that windows and its software uses to store settings in. If your computer is running that badly or slow , that you think you may need a registry cleaner , then you would be better off reinstalling your operating system or finding some help and having your computer properly looked at. – Contact Me

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The Signs You May Have A Malware / Virus Infection

Some people will put up with their computer running poorly without ever realising they could have a malware / virus infection.  However malware is also designed not to be noticed but you maybe able to recognise the symptoms that might be caused by malware. So what are some of the things to look for to see  if you have a virus / malware infection.  Windows update does not work Try running windows update manually , go into start , all programs , windows update and then try and run the updates that are available.  If you get error messages that they did not install or windows update checks for updates and never gives you a result ( just keeps on running ) , then you are probably infected. Virus / malware infections will close down windows update as they are designed to access vulnerabilities in the windows operating system and… Read More

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Software To Speed Up Your Computer – Don’t Believe It

Many computer users believe in using registry cleaners / speed up my pc / pc tools and other sorts of computer ” optimisation ” tools that will somehow miraculously improve their computer by removing redundant registry entries or for the average user offer a promise that it will “speed up your computer”. It just voodoo , a bit like when you get your car cleaned you feel that it drives quicker. Here is the warning. If you play with your registry , back it up before running the registry cleaner because if things go wrong you maybe able to restore your registry. There is a chance that you can remove a registry key that will make your computer work and or boot , the worst possible scenario is that you will have to format your hard drive and reload your operating system. Do they speed up your computer , well in my opinion… Read More

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Registry Cleaners , Will They Do Any Good On A Windows PC?

Registry images

I see many computers and their owners that have decided to install and run a Registry Cleaner.

If you do not know what you are doing or running then do not run a registry cleaner as they can do great damage to your system.

Playing with the registry can result in a non-booting system , the removal of key files and will it make a great difference to your computer , probably no.

Many will run the registry cleaner in the hope that their system will speed up and in all the studies I have seen the answer is probably not.

If you are that concerned about the speed of your system then format your hard drive , update and then reload your documents and software.This will give you a bigger speed bump than running a registry cleaner.

If you decide to play with your registry then you need to back it up beforehand and hope that if all else fails you will be able to restore the registry.

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