Will Installing This Software Fix Your Computer Issues ?

If a computer person tells you that installing CCleaner or installing AVG will fix your computers issues , it is incorrect advice. If you have an issue with your Windows computer installing a different antivirus such as AVG or a ” tuneup ” piece of software / registry cleaner will not fix your issues. If you are on Windows 10 , these 2 pieces of software can cause issues , if you have pre- exisiting issues , so get your issues fixed correctly and do not rely on installing ‘ supposed ” fixes.

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Using Registry Software – Back Up The Registry First

So you did not head my advice and ran a registry cleaner or you are thinking of running a registry cleaner. What should you do first? Well you should backup your registry. This can be done in 2 ways. The first way is to create a system restore point details of which can be found at System Restore Frequently Asked Questions. Then if your system becomes unstable you can then hopefully restore your system to a time when it worked. The second method is to go to Start , Run and then type regedit You can then export a copy of the registry to a flash drive or other media so that if the worst happens and your computer becomes unstable then you are able to restore a copy of the registry from the backup that you made. 

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How To Clear Your Internet Browser History

Click Start on the desktop.
Go to Settings.
Click Control Panel.
Double-click Internet Options.
Make sure the General tab is selected.
Click Clear History in the History box.
Click OK when it asks if you want to delete all items in your history folder.
Click OK at the bottom of the General box to exit.

Open your browser and click "Tools" at the top of the screen.
From the sub-menu, choose "Clear Private Data."

Put a check mark next to "Browsing History" in the pop-up menu. Select any other items that you'd like to clear, such as your download history or saved form history.
Deselect any check marks next to any items that you do not wish to clear. Click "Clear.

RegistryClick on "Start" and then "Run."
Input "regedit.exe" into the "Run" text box and hit "Enter" to open the registry editor.
Navigate to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerTypedURLs.
Click on each URL that you wish to delete and hit the "Delete" key to remove it.
Close the Registry Editor when you are done by clicking on the "X" (close) button located in the top right corner of the Registry Editor window.

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