Put A DVD On Your Computer

We have all had a DVD or a video file that we would like to store on a hard disk , iPhone or iPad , or make a backup copy ( especially if you have children). This is not a promotion for piracy as you should not copy what you don’t own. HandBrake  is a free video transcoder. HandBrake will get the video from a variety of sources, including a DVD, and a DVD image, and grabs audio from sources as well, including MPEG audio tracks.  You’ll can then output this digital file in a variety of formats, suitable to play on many devices and you can even select individual chapters. Handbrake  is extremely customisable for it’s output. If you want to learn more about HandBrake  check out this article from Maclife How To Encode Like a Pro With Handbrake How To Rip A DVD With VLC Convert Videos Fast With Handbrake   Handbrake Tips For DVD… Read More

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DVD Drive’s And Region Changes

DVD drive
Do you play commercial DVDs on your desktop computer or laptop?

Do you pay attention to the message that appears if you swap DVDs that come from different Regions ?
Here in Australia we have Region 4 DVDs but many people have DVDs from Europe ( Region 2 ) and the United States ( Region 1).

Most computer DVD drives will allow only 4 changes to the Region before locking the drive to that Region.

You will then be stuck with say Region 2 to play your DVDs on that drive.

What can you do?

Well formatting the hard drive and reloading Windows will make no difference.

You can Google the problem and see if there is software that will enable you to "Flash " your DVD drive so that it can play all Regions with no change reminder.

You could try installing VLC which may play the DVDs 

The last fix is to install a new DVD player in your computer.

An expensive solution to not reading the warnings.

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