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Stop Falling For This & Do Not Call The Number


Fake Microsoft Pop upStop falling for the ” popup ” scam that asks you to call a number and a “Microsoft “support technician will walk you through the fix.

You have been to a webpage that has caused this popup so if you reboot your computer in most cases it will go away. You should also ‘ clear the cache ” of your internet browser.

The real danger comes when you dial that number and you let someone log onto your computer as you will have no idea what they install on your computer.

You will be bullied and harassed to pay some sort of money for the ‘ fix” – do not do this , in fact once again – do not let them logon to your computer.

If you did let someone logon , you have undoubtedly been infected from anything to malware to keystroke loggers and you will need to get your computer checked, your antivirus will be of little help doing this as it did not help you with the original issue , did it !

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Beware Of Origin Energy Fake Email Bill

During the last 24 hours many have received ” fake ” emails which purportedly have come from Origin Energy but are in fact fake designed to get you to click the links in them.

The  email uses Origin Energy branding, and uses the subject line ‘Your Origin electricity bill’, with a due date of May 16.”

If you do click the link you will go to a fake Origin Energy Site but that is not the major issue.

It will link to a ” JavaScript dropper” that can install additional malware such as keyloggers that can steal passwords and other information.

The email has originated from servers in France using the domain which was registered in China just days ago.

So What Should You Do ?

The approach should be to treat a billing email just as a reminder to visit the company’s website directly (do not click links in the email) in order to download the a genuine bill.

Look at the from address – Origins address is not

If you have clicked the link , you maybe infected and you need to be certain that you are not – if concerned Contact Me

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