Adelaide Techguy On Radio – W/C 1st June

7 Years Of The iPhone  This week sees the seventh anniversary of the iPhone  The iPhone Turns 7  Faulty USB ChargersWith the recent tragic story remember that you do get what you pay for and make sure they have been designed for Australian standards  How To Tell If your Charger Is Safe  Answering the phone to bogus companies and or calling supportListeners are still getting caughtListener rang whom she thought was HP support , had her computer accessed then was threatened that she had to buy $300 worth of software to fix her computer – all she wanted to do was change her ink Make sure you get support from genuine companies not bogus ones that have paid for ads to go into Google  Clicking Links In Emails  Stop clicking links in emails.Recently I had a client that within 5 minutes of clicking a link , the account had been compromised and… Read More

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