Slow Down Your Draining iPhone Battery

There is nothing worse when your battery on your iPhone is running down and you of course do the obvious things:

  • Turn off push emails
  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Close out of your apps
  • But there is a new one , put your iPhone into greyscale mode

Greyscale mode is a setting that eliminates all colour on your iPhone’s screen by making the display black-and-white.

By not displaying any colour, your phone is saving battery and the setting also lowers the brightness on your phone, which we all know helps preserve its battery.iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black

Battery Saving Tips For Your Smartphone

Battery life is critical to most smartphone users so here are some tips to keep your smartphone running just that bit longer:        

  • Turn down the brightness – brightness drains batterys 
  • Turn off wifi if you do not need it or you are going through weak wifi areas as your phone will constantly search for wifi – free wifi networks in capital cities and if you are in large groups of people – such as sporting grounds 
  • Turn off Bluetooth if you do not need it
  • Turn off push email – you can do this manually
  • Turn off background refresh for apps

You can also buy a powerbank for when you run out  

As we head into summer remember do not leave your phone in the car or in the car window on days of extreme heat as that can damage your smartphone.