How To Uninstall Twitter Add Ons

We all install various add ons for twitter and if you have ever wondered how many add on's there are just Google twitter add ons.

I had a question though on how to uninstall these add on's once installed.

First on your home page click on the "settings" tab on the top right hand side

Twitter settings
Then click on "connections"

Twitter settings applications

You will then see a list of any add ons you have for Twitter as per the example at the top of the post.

You can then "revoke access " to add ons you have installed.  

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How To Remove Your Facebook Imported Contacts

I was asked to come on the midnight to dawn show on 5AA to explain how to remove imported contacts from Facebook. It should be noted that just importing contacts into Facebook from your email accounts should not be taken lightly. So how do you remove these contacts from Facebook. Go to your Facebook page on your computer. Click on Account in the top right hand corner Then – edit friends When the Friends page is open , click on Contacts on the top left hand side You will then see on the right hand side You then click on “remove all your imported contacts”

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