The Last Time I Pre-Order A Product From Microsoft

Surface laptopI talk and write about tech for a living and buy all the new products that I consider people , listeners and clients will want to know about.

So back in May I ordered the Surface Laptop , Microsofts new product and waited for this week to arrive.

The Surface laptop went on sale on Friday in major stores such as Harvey Norman and is available but my Surface laptop was nowhere to be seen , it had arrived in Adelaide at DHL early Friday morning and was forwarded for delivery as the screenshot will show.

So late friday afternoon I went to the DHL facility in Adelaide to ask if I could pick it up as according to the paperwork it should have been there to be told that they do not deliver to my area and had passed it off to StarTrack and it would hopefully be there by tuesday.

According to my advice on my Microsoft account it however was still with DHL.

Delivery Receipt for Surface laptop

So I sit and wait.

You preorder a product to get it on a particular day – release day – Apple do this very well – never had an issue with Apple and their deliveries.

Microsoft you are making great products but your delivery to clients needs work , a lot of work , there is also nowhere on the account page to question my delivery with Microsoft so if it does not arrive I would descend into call-centre hell.

So this is the last time I pre-order a product from Microsoft for delivery , unless things change dramatically.

As the song in the video says in the video below ” you’re the one that I want ” but I will have to wait a bit longer ” – thanks Microsoft , thanks DHL , thanks Startrack


Is The Microsoft Surface RT A Good Deal Now The Price Has Gone Down ?

I bought a Microsoft Surface RT and had it on day 1 of release as i wanted the first computer that Microsoft had made. 

It has come into great criticism over that time and I believe Microsoft marketing did an average job at best at defining a market for the Surface and explaining the whole Windows RT v Windows 8 scenario.

So what is the Surface good for: 

It has a full version of Office 2013 and with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update also Outlook for email.

That means you get: 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • One Note
  • and with Windows 8.1 , Outlook

You can store all your documents etc on an external hard drive or on Microsoft Skydrive. Remember this is a tablet / computer is designed for portability.  

You can view movies , look at photos  and it has a USB port.

It is a locked down operating system which means you cannot install just any piece of software on the Surface RT as software has to come from the Windows store only, which means you cannot install software such as iTunes. 

Locked down also means the chance of infection from virus / malware is quiet remote. 

Now for sale at $389 it is a bargain , it may not be for everyone , but it is a good deal 

More details on Surface can be found here. Surface By Microsoft

What Is The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Like ?

The Microsoft produced Surface will soon be available in Australia and will it be the tablet / laptop for you.

If the Surface is to be judges on the Surface RT it will be a well made computer which runs the full version of Windows 8 but unlike the Surface RT it does not have Office 2013 included. 

I like the Surface RT and consider it ideal for those seeking a basic tablet / laptop experience in a locked down environment which more people should consider as many cannot cope with a full version of Windows.

More information can be found here

Click Here: Surface Windows 8 Pro Site

So what do the reviews say about the Surface , here is a selection of the reviews:

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Revisit Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface has been released in more stores now apart from still being able to buy it online from Microsoft.

I have written about the Surface before – Thoughts On Microsoft Surface but highlighted the lack of apps and the notable app for me was Dropbox which I gave me the ability to access files from my other computers , however Dropbox is now available for the  Surface from the Windows store.

Paul Thurrott has also released a graphic highlighting the features of the Surface .