Using Registry Software – Back Up The Registry First

So you did not head my advice and ran a registry cleaner or you are thinking of running a registry cleaner. What should you do first? Well you should backup your registry. This can be done in 2 ways. The first way is to create a system restore point details of which can be found at System Restore Frequently Asked Questions. Then if your system becomes unstable you can then hopefully restore your system to a time when it worked. The second method is to go to Start , Run and then type regedit You can then export a copy of the registry to a flash drive or other media so that if the worst happens and your computer becomes unstable then you are able to restore a copy of the registry from the backup that you made. 

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In Trouble Don’t Forget System Restore

Windows System Restore
If you see that there is an issue with your computer that has suddenly appeared , try system restore.

You are then able to pick a date to " rewind " your computer to a time when it was working properly

  • Windows 7 , Start , System Tools , System Restore 
  • Windows Vista, Start , System Tools , System Restore 
  • Windows XP , Start , Accessories , System Tools , System Restore

If you are having issues getting system restore to work , try starting in safe mode.

You do this by pressing ( in most cases ) F8 when restarting your computer , you then have a choice to start your computer normally , safe mode , and networking. Try safe mode.

If you cannot run System Restore in Safe Mode , you may have serious issues which need further consideration and usually means Windows is damaged or infected.

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