5 Signs Your Computer Maybe Infected With Malware

Think you may have something wrong with your computer ? Here are 5 signs that your computer maybe infected with malware. 1.Pop-Up ads appearing on your computer. Advertisements , messages about discount offers, surveys, dating. Ads telling users that there is a problem with their computer system or their bank account information is expiring. These ads can have hidden spyware inside them and an infection may result in identity theft and financial loss. 2.New Programs You Know Nothing About Suddenly Appearing On Your Computer Suddenly you have unknown programs appearing when you boot up your computer?  Then it is probably a malware infection that was installed previously with some other software. These can appear when you install “free ” software a source of infections as to install the software that you want you will receive software that you do not want or have agreed to. 3.Your Antivirus Stops Working If… Read More

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