What Is That File?

Folder options windows

Windows Explorer hides a lot of files by default from the user.

However for control and knowledge you should really see these files.

Seeing the extension of a file and whether it is a jpeg , tiff , docx or doc etc is needed by the computer user. 

Open Windows Explorer

Go to tools , folder options

Select the view tab

   1. Open Windows Explorer.

   2. Go to the Tools menu, and select Folder Options….

   3. Select the View tab, and under Hidden Files and Folders, select Show hidden files and folders.

   4. Beneath this, deselect Hide extensions for known file types. This means you should now be able to see whether a file is a .JPG or a .PNG for example.

   5. You can optionally deselect Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) under this, however most people won't need this, and unless you really want to see a Desktop.ini file in every folder, it's best to just leave it off.

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Erase Your Old iPad Or iPhone Before You Sell It Or Give It Away

f you have an old iPhone or iPad and you are updating to a new one , say the iPhone 6 when it arrives or when the new iPad arrives and want to sell it or give it away , how do you wipe your data and information. To do this go to ” Settings” , then “General” Pan to the bottom and you will see ” Reset” Then tap ” Erase All Content and Settings” Your iPad or iPhone will restart after a while and be just like the day it came out the box.  

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Delete E Mail in Gmail on the iPhone4 or iPad with iOS4.3

With the iPhone4 and the iPad now that iOS4.2 has arrived you may have noticed a change to your email options in GMail.

There is an archive button not a delete option as there was before.

Well if you are like me you dont want to archive some mail messages so the question is , How Do You Get Delete Back?

Open up the settings tab on your iPhone or iPad and select Mail , Contacts , Calendar , then go  to your gmail account.

IPad gmail settings

You will see Archive messages at the bottom of the settings.

Simply turn that to OFF , click Done and your delete option will be back.

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Print From Snow Leopard To Windows 7

So you have a printer connected to your Windows PC and you bring an Apple computer into your network / home / business and want to be able to print from your Apple / Mac to your Windows printer.

Here is the solution to this using Windows 7.
On the Windows 7 PC :    

  • Open the Control Panel  
  • Go to "Programs and Features"  
  • Go to "Turn Windows Features on or off"    4.    
  • Locate and click on the "LPD Print Service" under "Print and Document Services"  
  • Now go to "Hardware and Sound "and open up view devices and printers.Make sure the printer you want to use is shared with a name that has no spaces , I call my HP Officejet Pro 8500 HP

LPD Printing

On your Mac:

  • Open "System Preferences" – "Print & Fax"  
  • Click "+" to add a printer    
  • Right click anywhere on the tool bar and select "Customize Toolbar" then drag with your mouse and or touchpad the "Advanced" button to the toolbar    
  • Select "Advanced"   
  • In the "Type:" field select "LPD/LPR Host or Printer"    
  • In the "URL:" field enter lpd://your windows ip address/your printers share name; (e.g., lpd:// Remember the IP address is the address of your PC which is assigned by your router   
  • Select your printer software using the print using setting and select your printer software from the list Finally click the "Add" button and you printer will be added


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iPad Tips Part 3

This week is iPad week and here are another 2 tips

iPad Tip 5

The default signature  "sent from my iPad" may look fine but really you should change it.

  • Go to "settings"
  • Mail,Contacts,Calenders
  • Click on "Signature"

Then alter your signature

iPad signature change

iPad Tip 6

When it comes to copying and pasting text , you hold your finger down on a word until the command appears which will give you a selection choice.

Then tap , copy/ paste etc.

If you want to select a paragraph then tap 4 times.

iPad copy paste

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iPad Tips Part 2

This is iPad week , so here are another 2 tips for using the iPad

iPad Tip 3

So you want to type a word in all capitals , rather than keep hitting the shift key just double tap the shift key and you will have all caps.

iPad Capital letters in word

iPad Tip 4

With the iPad you are able  to password protect your apps , iTunes purchases , access to YouTube , access to Safari

So how do you do this

Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions.

Press Enable Restrictions and type a password, then turn on the restrictions you want for the apps available. Please Note that the password you use for Restrictions is and should be different from your iTunes password 

iPad enable restrictions

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