Has Your User Name & Password Been Stolen Lately ?

Are you a victim of the Linkedin , Twitter , MySpace hack where your user name and or password have been stolen ?Here is a website where you can check by entering in email addresses and or user names.For the record my ” MySpace ” credentials from years ago were availableLeaked Source Twitter user names and passwords were probably stolen with malware in your browser by the way. Also remember you should turn on 2 factor authentication 

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If Edward Snowden Did Not Know – Maybe You Need To Know – Notifications

Yes we are talking about notifications ( every time someone does something on Facebook for example , you end up with an email ) that end up in your inbox from your social media accounts. Edward Snowden ended up with 47gb of email notifications after he recently joined Twitter  Twitter noob Snowden gets hammered with 47GB of notification emails So how do you stop this happening ? Facebook Open settings , look for Notifications in the left hand column and open  From here you can adjust what notifications you will get from email / mobile , my advise is to turn most off as you can just go to Facebook when you want to see whats happening. Facebook have advice on notifications at this link : Facebook Notifications To adjust your Twitter notifications , go into your settings and then look for Email Notifications.

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Adelaide Techguy On Radio – W/C 6th July – Updated

Digital Will  We need to consider our online accounts and what happens to them when we die. Digital Demise Facebook  Google Twitter Know Your Logins If you have a domain name make sure you know all details related to it: Access the account – user name and password  Registry Key Email accounts  Wrappers You will occasionally download software from sites and when you go to install it , suddenly it will say that you have to accept , browser add-ins and other software. These are called wrappers and they should be AVOIDED at all costs. Read what you are installing and deselect what you do not need and try to get software from the makers site. App Of The Week Yo Just when you thought you could not say less , you can now ” Yo ” your friends Link for Yo 

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Christmas Tips And Suggestions

Be prepared  If you have anything electronic for the children / wife / husband – it may pay you to know how it works  Google the instructions Charge the items up – take them out of the boxes , charge them up and put them back in the boxes Gaming consoles , tablets , phones – will need the internet to work on Christmas day  Batteries Cables – buying a sound system / dvd players / printers make sure you can actually use them by checking that you have the correct cables Social Media At Christmas Think twice about broadcasting your location on social media – Facebook , Twitter  Think twice about posting that Christmas or New Year picture of you doing something outrageous as it may come back to haunt you , remember if you would be embarrassed to see it in the Advertiser don’t take it or let… Read More

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Big Changes To Gmail To Make You More Productive

There has been a some great changes to Gmail that helps you control your emails and for me makes it more productive than other email solutions. Gmail now splits itself into up to 5 categories including: Primary – for your regular email Social – for your Facebook , Google + , Twitter etc Promotions – for your shopping emails More details can be found here.  A New Inbox That Puts You In Control

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How To Uninstall Twitter Add Ons

We all install various add ons for twitter and if you have ever wondered how many add on's there are just Google twitter add ons.

I had a question though on how to uninstall these add on's once installed.

First on your home page click on the "settings" tab on the top right hand side

Twitter settings
Then click on "connections"

Twitter settings applications

You will then see a list of any add ons you have for Twitter as per the example at the top of the post.

You can then "revoke access " to add ons you have installed.  

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Questions About Twitter

I get lots of questions about twitter when talking to clients. The two questions I am asked most revolves around user names and hashtags. My twitter user name is @adelaidetechguy. Choose a user name that reflects you / your business / your personality Sending a message starting with @twitterusername will give a public reply to the user of that name.  The other question is about hashtags (e.g.:  #technology) which will categorise your tweets on a particular subject that will aid in other twitter users discovering similar and relevant posts. Mashable have a great guide to Twitter Mashable Guide To Twitter Uploaded with Skitch !

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