Not Sure If You Are Infected – Try The Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft have software to remove malware and virus infections and is updated every month through Windows update. However there are no indications of how to run it through the program menu. If you suspect you may have an infection it is worthwhile running it. So how do you run it? First you need to enter – MRT – in the search of either Windows 7 , 8 , or 10 A description will then appear Then choose the type of scan you would like . I would pick the full scan which can take several hours to run. At the end you will see the results. Remember this is not a replacement for your antirus software or for not keeping your operating system and software up to date.

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5 Signs Your Computer Maybe Infected With Malware

Think you may have something wrong with your computer ? Here are 5 signs that your computer maybe infected with malware. 1.Pop-Up ads appearing on your computer. Advertisements , messages about discount offers, surveys, dating. Ads telling users that there is a problem with their computer system or their bank account information is expiring. These ads can have hidden spyware inside them and an infection may result in identity theft and financial loss. 2.New Programs You Know Nothing About Suddenly Appearing On Your Computer Suddenly you have unknown programs appearing when you boot up your computer?  Then it is probably a malware infection that was installed previously with some other software. These can appear when you install “free ” software a source of infections as to install the software that you want you will receive software that you do not want or have agreed to. 3.Your Antivirus Stops Working If… Read More

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Check Your Antivirus For Updates To Keep You Protected

The past week saw an issue with Symantec and Norton antivirus users were they were exposed to a bad vulnerability that Google described as ” bad as it gets “. Google: Symantec antivirus flaws are ‘as bad as it gets’ The advise was to make sure you updated ” manually ” to make sure you are protected. However this again shows it is YOUR actions that count and stop relying on your antivirus to stay protected. I have also seen plenty of antivirus products stop working so make sure you manually check your antivirus to make sure it is updating and working. For Windows 10 users , windows will turn on Defender if your antivirus stops working or if your subscription has expired which is good to know.

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Have You Checked For Windows Updates This Week ?

This week Microsoft have released a plethora of Windows Updates and as i keep telling everyone remember , Windows updates are your first line of defence In the battle to prevent malware / virus infection Windows updates are only automatic in Windows 10 and in other versions of Windows you do need to check. If Windows updates are not installing then you have an issue / issues that need to be fixed. Microsoft , this morning also released a critical update to combat , you again , a problem with Adobe Flash details of which can be found in the link below. Download This: There’s a Security Update Addressing an Issue With Adobe Flash

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Why I Use & Recommend Gmail

The above arrived in my inbox this morning in Gmail and not in my spam folder and even though I will flag it as spam you will notice that Google have labeled this with a virus warning and will prevent you from downloading the attachment. This is one of the main reasons I let Google handle my email and all the email accounts associated with me. Can I reply from Gmail in a different address other than my Gmail account ? Yes you can – Details Here  Can i import my email into Gmail from different accounts ? Yes you can – Details Here

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What To Do When Your Computer Suddenly Talks To You When Browsing

I have been contacted several times in the last few weeks with people claiming that their computer spoke to them urging them to ring a phone number as they have been infected on their computer. This happens because you have : Visited an infected web page or have malware on your computer  So Should You Call The Number ?  No , turns out you are calling the call centres that call households on a regular basis and they will try and extract money out of you by remote access , ( not a good thing ). What Should You Do ? Scan your computer with your antivirus  Run the Microsoft Malicious Software removal tool   Reset your internet browsers Try AdwCleaner  If it still occurs then you may need to get someone to look at your computer   

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10 Email Subjects You Should Not Bother Opening

You should always treat with great suspicion emails from unknown people and sources that you do not know and from these 10 points below. Any email that claims you have inherited anything Any email from a bank saying you need to change your password , change your details Any survey that comes in saying click here to confirm your details or activate the survey Any email from a broadband provider saying click here to upgrade Any email saying click here for the new version of your software Any email that asks for your personal information Any email that misspells your name or says that you have won a contest Any email that says you have not responded to my last email Any email that claims you have a ATO refund Any email that says your credit card is waiting for collection

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The Windows Registry – Leave It Alone


I saw a business the other day saying that they had pop up's on their desktop saying they had a virus and that if they clicked it would be removed.

Their solution was to go into the registry to alter it so the pop up would not appear.
Their are 2 things glaringly wrong with this.

  1. One – they obviously have been infected and altering the registry will not get rid of the problem.
  2. Two – playing with the registry can be one of the most hazardous things you can do to a computer , especially if you do not know what you are doing.

You should always back up your registry before doing any alterations to it and " hope" that if you make a mistake you will be able to restore your registry .

I am also not a big fan of registry cleaners as the supposed benefits of using them never seem to appear , snake oil seems a good word to describe them.

If your computer is that bad that you need to alter the registry it's time to format your hard drive and reload your operating system.

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