Adelaide Techguy On FIVEaa 14th July

Samsung – Where Are They Headed One week they release an iPad killer , the next their profits have declined , Samsungs Profits Have Declined Sales are down 9-11 percent and revenue fell by 24 percent , last quarter when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was supposed to be the killer phone Samsung compete with all the other players , HTC , LG , who have sales that are already flat Apple on the other hand compete with themselves due to them being a high end device In the end it seems to be about price not features , design etc I have switched for a while to the S5 from the iPhone and find little to recommend it apart from “the shiny bright screen “ Its well made but find I am more productive with the iPhone. I will however keep using it until the new iPhone is released. What’s A Pup & What’s… Read More

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