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Stop Programs Loading At Startup – Windows


You do not need all your programs loading at startup on your Windows computer.

Windows computers will remember every time you install a program and want to load it along with everything else you have unless you stop those programs.

So how do you do this?

In Windows 10 through Task Manager and in Windows 7 through MSCONFIG

Instructions can be found here:How to Disable Startup Programs In Windows 

In the article ignore the reference to CCleaner

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Issues With Your Computer , Tablet , Smartphone – The First Thing To Do

Restart Your Devices

Restart – yes – Restart

If you are having any issues with either your computer , tablet or smartphone – restart the device.

I increasingly come across people that do not ever restart their devices for weeks or months on end – this is not right.

Tablets or smartphones at least once a week , computers – Windows 7 – every day , Windows 10 every couple of days – Apple Computers – every couple of days

So what can restarting fix :

  • Software & Operating system updates
  • Network issues
  • Software not starting
  • Multiple issues

When in doubt restart

Malware-Virus Prevention

Thoughts On Antivirus Software – Think Before You Click

The first question I hear from people is ” Which Antivirus Should I Use “

So let me state software is not the only solution because people still need to engage the area between their ears before clicking or tapping on their devices.

Think before you click 

When we combine the two elements of thinking about what we are doing and software this can make for a marked improvement in device security.

There is no one solution that fixes and protects all.

I protect and use all of my Windows 10 devices with Defender and before that Security Essentials so between that and some good common-sense computing habits , such as using Google Chrome with an Adblocker , I have been well protected.

Malware-Virus Prevention

Things I Do Not Like – AVG

I have decided to make this a semi – regular column and first cab off the rank is AVG.

I have found this to be of little to no use on many systems , it appears to do little to prevent infections , wants to install other add-ons which will promise to ” tune up ” your system and when removed the computer usually runs faster and ” issues” disappear.

To remove AVG use the AVG Removal Tool , do not try and remove it through the Control Panel as AVG does not want to be removed , that should be your first clue.

Remember you do need an antivirus – Windows 10 – Windows 8 users – Defender does a great job

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Lets Talk About Speeding Up Your Computer

Complaining of a slow Windows computer here are 4 tips that should help speed it up.

  1. Install a solid state drive – they are far quicker than the mechanical drives – AllNeeds Computers can assist with the changeover 
  2. Stop everything loading at startup – for Windows 10 users learn about Task Manager – Windows 7 users – MSCONFIG – details here – Disable Startup programs 
  3. Take a good hard look at your antivirus as yes they can slow down the startup procedure
  4. Your desktop is not for installing gigabytes of information 
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A Five Step Start To Security For Windows Users

Looking to stay secure in Windows here are five steps to help

  1. Use Windows 10 – the secure version of Windows now and the best operating system they have produced
  2. Use Google Chrome – the best browser to use when it comes to security – Google are committed to helping you navigate the internet safely – remove any superfluous add-ons and check to make sure you do not have any
  3. Install Adblock – will aid in keeping you safe  – details of why you should use Adblock are HERE
  4. Use Windows Defender – third party antivirus products have been known to cause issues 
  5. Realise that it is your actions that count – STOP clicking the link in an bogus email , STOP browsing to unsafe websites – Think Before You Click
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My Tech Hits & Misses For 2016

My favourite pieces of tech for 2016:

Best phone: iPhone7 plus

Great camera , waterproof , great battery life , love the black finishes 

Close second:Google Pixel

Great camera , good battery life , pure Android that is updated to keep you secure and none of the 3rd party software that other makers throw in that is always hit or miss.

Favourite Laptop – MacBook Pro 2016

Fast , well made , great keyboard , love the touch bar , the Touch ID and it is light with great lapability. 

Close Second – Surface Pro 4

I love the Microsoft Surface range of computers , well made , good keyboard , good battery life and again no 3rd party software that other makers put onto their computers which makes them more secure.Also really light to carry and love the pen features.

Favourite Headphones – AirPods

They are a standout product with superb audio quality for both microphone and listening and are the easiest syncing product I have used.

Tech Misses for 2016

  • Windows 10 – forced upgrade , nobody likes being tricked into upgrading but now Windows 10 is the best version of Windows Microsoft have released.
  • Yahoo – their email service is a disaster and any users probably have their details on the internet
  • Samsung – The Note 7 – will be interesting to see how they respond next year or will we ever see a Note again 
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