Adelaide Techguy On Radio – w/c 29th Sept – Updated – For Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming in 2015 The New Windows Is Coming mid 2015  Its called Windows 10 , so we have gone from Windows 8 to Windows 10  It will run on all all devices from pcs , tablets and phones , tailored for each platform  Windows 8 has not been a huge success and the business sector have largely avoided upgrading to Windows 8 , given that Windows 7 was so popular with it running 51% of pcs as against 13% for Windows 8  A lot are still running Windows XP which is a recipe for disaster  Features The traditional start menu is back  The search button is also back in the start menu  For Windows 8 users those live tiles that update from the internet such as the weather app will no longer open in full screen  While it will still be for touch devices like tablets it… Read More

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