Windows 9 – Children Purchasing Apps – Box Offering 50gb Of Cloud Storage

Windows 9 Is Coming Threshold is coming – April 2015 – Brand name for Windows 9  Windows 9 will be about Microsoft distancing itself from Windows 8 which has not been embraced More information can be found here: Threshold to be called Windows 9  Tips to stop children running up big bills in App Purchases on the iTunes Store  Don’t give your children your password to your iPhone or iPad .Each time they want to download or purchase something, it will ask for the Apple ID password. Now you have to enter your password every time. Next go to Settings > General > Restrictions, and then change the ‘Require Password’ setting to ‘Immediately’. Now, every time your child goes to buy something, whether it is an app or in-app purchase, they’ll be asked to type in the password before they can progress further. Parents should also look at the restrictions menu so… Read More

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