RAM – How Much Do I Need

RAM ( Random Access Memory) , the CPU ( central processing unit ) and the hard drive – much prefer a solid state drive are the integral parts of having a computer running quickly and efficiently. Windows should now have a minimum of 8GB of RAM to run efficiently with multiple programs running and for a smooth experience – 16GB of RAM Macs again 8GB of RAM is a minimum If you are upgrading a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 make sure it has again at least 8GB of RAM

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2 Countdowns To Consider For Windows Users

Windows Vista Windows Vista will reach end of life on April 11th 2017 – 357 days to go – that is less than 1 year away – when Microsoft will stop support for this operating system. This means no more Windows updates and already we are seeing support for many pieces of software not working. If you were to consider upgrading your Windows Vista computer to Windows 10 , check compatibility first as it will have to be wiped ( don’t forget to backup first ) before loading Windows 10. It would be preferable in most cases to buy a new computer. Windows 10 If you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 for FREE you have until July 29th which is only 102 days away. There has been no announcement whether Microsoft will continue the free period but the common thought appears to be no. Remember if you… Read More

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Basic Software Maintenance For Computers – Windows and Apple

If you have a Windows machine there is a certain amount of maintenance you need to do. Windows Vista ,  7 , 8 Windows Updates – manually go in and check for optional updates as well as having a look at the automatic ones to make sure they have been done  Perform a Disc Cleanup Keep Antivirus software up to date Keep software up to date , Adobe Reader / Adobe Flash especially Uninstall programs that you no longer need  Windows Vista , Windows 7 & 8 automatically defragment the hard drive without you doing it and with the NTFS file system it is really unnecessary, but you will need to amend the time that this runs as it is usually set to 2.00am and no one has there computer on at that time. Now with the advent of Solid State drives in computers you should never defrag those as it reduces the life… Read More

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Do I Need To Defragment My Hard Drive

I am still asked by people running Windows Vista and Windows 7 whether they have to manually defragment their hard drive. Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented files on your computer’s hard disk. For further explanation on disk defragmentation please read the attached link. What Is Disk Defragmentation? The short answer is NO if you are using Windows 7 and Windows Vista and YES if you are using Windows XP. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista this happens automatically but you can schedule this to run at other times  Windows XP however needs to be done from my experience about 6 times a year for an average user. So how do you get to Disk Defragmenter? Open Start , go to Computer. You will then see your hard drives. Right click on your C Drive and go to properties Open up the tools tab and you will see… Read More

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How To Uninstall Programs From Windows

The question I am asked  quiet a lot is , How do I uninstall programs in Windows Windows XP Go to control panel , add remove programs , open , and click on the program you want to uninstall which will highlite it then click on the remove tab to the right. Then follow any instructions to uninstall and after it has uninstalled , dont forget to reboot. Windows 7  & Windows Vista Go to control panel , programs , open , and click on the program you want to uninstall ,highlite the program and you will see uninstall at the top of the page Just click on uninstall and the program will enter the uninstall mode Then just follow the instructions. Dont forget to reboot after uninstalling

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RAM is what you need

Kingston Ram
RAM ( Random Access Memory) along with the CPU ( central processing unit ) are the integral parts of having a computer running quickly and efficiently.

Windows should now have a minimum of 2GB of ram to run efficiently with multiple programs running but you will notice a difference installing 4GB of ram.

Windows 32bit systems ,which most will be on unless you have bought a new machine recently where Windows 64bit is getting more common place now will only use 3GB of ram.

Windows 64bit systems recognise and use RAM from 3GB and up.

So why do i say install 4GB of Ram ?

RAM comes in pairs and the best way to buy is in 2 GB sticks hence the 4GB even though remember Windows 32bit  will only recognise the 3GB

The real performance boost I notice is when a Windows XP machine goes from 512MB of ram to 2 GB of ram or in a Vista machine when installing the 4GB.

Windows 7 runs exceptionally well with the 4GB of RAM.

For the extra money , $150 on average it will make all the difference.

The same applies for Mac's with most sold with a minimum of 2GB installed but Macbook Pro's run well with at least 4GB in them.( Check your model if you have an earlier Macbook Pro as earlier models do not except more than 2GB of RAM )

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