Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Issues


In Windows you may occasionally get issues with your wireless keyboard and or wireless mouse.

They will normally work but what happens when things don’t start to work properly.

Number 1

Check the batteries … many will be shocked to learn they do have batteries , I have taken 2 calls on this subject , this week alone.

So change them!

Number 2 

Can be bluetooth issues so removing and adding them back in usually fixes the issue , here is a link to that subject.

How and why to use Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer



The First Thing You Do To A Portable Drive When You Buy It

So you decide to buy a new portable hard drive , usb flash drive.

What is the first thing you should do?

Format the drive , that’s right wipe it as you have no idea what is on there and I know companies will try and put some sort of software that they claim may help you but from experience it is far better for you to NOT USE THEIR SOFTWARE.

In some systems it will be incompatible with the operating system , both Windows and Mac.

If you are using it as a backup then both Windows and Mac have built in backup programs and you could always buy a 3rd party program that will give you far less trouble than some out of date piece of software that shipped with that drive.

Stop Downloading The Mystery Solution To Fix Your Computer

Many people over the years would have looked for a program on the internet that will ” hopefully ‘ fix the issues on their computers.

These programs maybe something like:

  • Speed up my browsing
  • Speed up my pc
  • Registry Cleaners
  • Clean up my browser
  • Cookie Cleaner – internet not the biscuit

These programs will promise the world but will not deliver and your computer is FAR BETTER OFF by getting rid of these programs.

Many of these programs will also bring in malware when installed.

If you have an issue these programs will not help and for those that tried to install Windows 10 but did not succeed , in many cases it was because one or more of these programs were installed.

Windows or Apple it does not matter as many on the Apple side tried Mackeeper which should not be downloaded.

Extensions,Hidden Files & Folders – Lets See Them In Windows

Computer Files

It is a good idea to turn on the ability to see hidden files and extensions on your Windows computer.

First go to Control Panel

Then open File Explorer Options

Go to View – then select the ” Show Hidden Files , Folders and Drives ”

You should also remove the tick from ” Hide Extensions For Known File Types ” – you will then be able to see exactly what type of files you have on your computer or if looking in email attachments , what you may about to run.

Should I Run 2 Antivirus Solutions ?

The answer is … No 

  • 2 will interfere with Windows 
  • 2 will cause your computer to slow down
  • 2 will not keep you protected as 1 may negate the other one 
  • 2 may cause false results to be displayed – 1 may say that the other is an infection 

So the answer is 1 and realise that it is your actions that will cause you to be infected and the antivirus solution will in most cases NOT save you.

So amongst other things:

  • Keep your operating system up to date 
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Stop clicking and opening emails that you know will 

Realise that running as an administrator will override the antivirus causing infections to be installed

It’s All About The Zip

Everybody appears to want a Zip Program to compress files and uncompress files ( group into a folder that is zipped up ).

Well that function has been built into Windows for a while so it makes programs that come with your computer such as Win-Zip unnecessary.

In fact there are so many issues with Win-Zip and bogus copies of this floating around on the internet if you have it – uninstall it.

So how do you use Zip files in Windows – Click Here

If you believe you need a Zip program try – 7-Zip