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It’s All About The Zip

Everybody appears to want a Zip Program to compress files and uncompress files ( group into a folder that is zipped up ).

Well that function has been built into Windows for a while so it makes programs that come with your computer such as Win-Zip unnecessary.

In fact there are so many issues with Win-Zip and bogus copies of this floating around on the internet if you have it – uninstall it.

So how do you use Zip files in Windows – Click Here

If you believe you need a Zip program try – 7-Zip


Zip Files – Use 7-Zip – Not Winzip

Looking a free zip program that is an alternative to Winzip ( there are many malware filled versions of this around on the internet at the moment ) that can assist you with unzipping , packing , unpacking windows files including rar files.

rar files are compressed files that need a program to extract the file embedded inside.

Then try 7 – Zip a Free program that runs on Windows.

After installation , locate the file you want to open

Then right click on the file

Then pick a destination for extracting the file by clicking in the box at the end of ” extract to”

In this case I have selected the desktop

Once you press OK it will put the newly extracted file on the desktop