Tech Gift Suggestions For Christmas

Tech Gift Suggestions

Gaming Consoles

  • XBoxOne and the PS4 Gaming consoles – they maybe the hottest items but you may not want to buy one right now – XBoxOne and PS4 Why You May May Want To Wait
  • Buy the correct sort of game for the correct console PS3 games will not work with PS4 
  • Buy the latest version of a game , not all Call Of Duty Games are the same 


  • Crosley turntable for playing records and for recording the record to your computer , starts at $149
  • Helicopters – remote controlled helicopters 
  • Digital radios – starts at $99 
  • Bluetooth wireless charging speaker – stream audio anywhere in your home with these , no power point required
  • Universal TV remote – Logitech – eliminate the multitude of remotes 
  • Memory cards for cameras – you can never have enough memory cards
  • Digital picture frames – you can have a 100 laughs with these 
  • iTunes vouchers , you can usually pick up discounted ones and save up to 25%

This Friday the 29th Nov is Black Friday so Apple will be offering discounts online 


  • iPad Air / iPad Mini 
  • Don’t want Apple , the Google Nexus 7 is the pick of the small tablets , starts at $239 
  • The Microsoft Surface 2 , comes with Office , just over $500

The Xmas Present You Don’t Buy

  • The worst xmas present the “ear wax vacuum “

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