Tech To Avoid – The 4 Horseman Of The Apocalypse

I have very definitive views on antivirus products as readers and listeners will know.

If you were to purchase an antivirus product the 2 I recommend are Trend and Norton and if you cannot afford to do this or feel your computer skills are up to par then stick with Defender that comes free from Microsoft.

However there are 3 products plus a by-product from the same company that I do not recommend.

  • AVG
  • Avira
  • Avast
  • CCleaner

Here are the reasons why I do not like them:

  • They appear to interfere with the Windows operating system causing slowdowns , crashes and in the majority of the time preventing Windows updates which start up as soon as you remove them – a reminder that keeping Windows updated is your first line of defence
    • Just Google AVG problems and you will see issues that others have posted
  • They will encourage or install their companion products which are also not needed such as
    • AVG Tuneup
    • AVG Driver Updater
    • AVG VPN
    • AVG Secure Browser
    • AVG Anti Track
    • Avira VPN
    • Avira Password Manager
    • Avira System Speedup
    • Defraggler

The issues with CCleaner are well known

Just say NO , and all these including CCleaner should be uninstalled !

You can uninstall the above antivirus products by going to their websites and search for their ” Uninstall Tools ” – this page on my site will help

Antivirus Software – Uninstall – Change

Your computer will thank-you !

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