Telstra 5G Home Internet Review

Is 5G an answer / alternative to the NBN

I have been using the 5G Telstra router for a few weeks and have been very impressed.

Speeds can vary when using depending on:

  • Your location – are you getting a good 5G connection – you do need a good connection
  • How many people are using 5G around you
  • Where you place your modem in your home or office

Telstra claims you can achieve typical upload speeds of 46Mbps, making 5G ideal for transferring files or making video calls.

I have averaged over 500mbps since using it for download speeds and over 50 mbps for my upload speed but am testing this in a great area for 5G reception.

What does it come with?

Telstra’s 5G Internet Plan comes with an included 5G Home Modem, featuring an inbuilt and pre-activated SIM,

WiFi 6 support and 4G network backup.

The plug-in-and-play modem connects to Telstra’s 5G network wirelessly, however it will be geo-locked to your home or business address, meaning you can’t take your 5G service on the road.

If you do move the modem outside your home area, your download speeds will be restricted to a maximum of 1.5Mbps.

You can sign up for a plan which will cost you $85 a month and for that you will get 1TB of data but to ensure it works for you , Telstra will give you 1 month free.

It has worked extremely well with great upload and download speeds and with simple setup , just plug in and logon , it is a great device.

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