Text Messages – Have You Received Some Bizarre Ones Lately

If you have had strange looking texts over the last week then you’re not alone.
The source of the suspicious messages is malware called FluBot, which spreads via SMS and can infect Android phones.It does not affect iPhones.
The calls and messages come from different numbers with Australian area codes, making them look like they are coming from legitimate people, if you click on the link in the messages on your Android phone you will install malicious malware.
The messages look remarkably similar to the image above.
Scamwatch, has since received more than 300 reports of the messages.
it’s not a case of blocking these calls as that will prove to be a waste of time, just delete the text message.
If you do click on a link, it will take you to a web page that is made to look like a trusted brand (like Telstra). It will then prompt users to install an app, for example, to listen to the voicemail message left in the text message.
If the user gives permission to install, then the FluBot malware will be downloaded onto the phone.

What happens if FluBot is installed?:

The malware has access to everything stored on your phone, including passwords.The software can then copy your contacts to send the scam message to all of them, but the sender won’t be listed as you.

Can I block the numbers?

Users can block the numbers, but it’s a sophisticated piece of malware that works by sending SMS messages to random numbers, so they can pop up again from a different number.Each time it does this it creates a new, unique link, making it difficult to block at a network level. These messages are also being sent from infected devices all across the world.

Once installed, the malware can access your personal information — such as your banking details — if you use these features while infected, you should immediately remove the malware and change all of your passwords (but make sure you change these on a separate, not infected device).

More information can be found here: What to do if you have received a bizarre scam text

The bizarre prank calls and texts Aussies are receiving on their mobile phones – here’s where they’re from and how you can get rid of them

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