The 3 Tablets I Recommend

I am always asked about laptops and tablets that i recommend but given the state of the industry I find it easier to recommend tablets than laptops currently.

Number One

The iPad Air – the best tablet on the market currently 

Its extremely quick in all aspects of use with the new A7 processor and especially when compared to the older iPad models you really notice the difference.

It’s light , thin with great battery life that will get a full days use easily.

Number Two

The Surface Pro 2 – the best windows tablet that is really a laptop / tablet hybrid.

It comes with detachable keyboards , usb for storage and connecting devices.

Extremely fast , full version of Windows so you can install any software you want ( office  , iTunes etc ) and no rubbishy third party software as it has been made by Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 2 is great for content creation.

Number Three

The Google Nexus 7 – the best Android tablet – quick , great screen and it runs the latest version of Android – Kit Kat.

Being a 7″ tablet its size and weight makes it great for portability.

The Google Nexus 7 is a pure Android experience so there is no ” junky ” third party software on there just the Google software which makes for a far better experience.

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