The Ashley Madison Breach Was Not Their Only Issue

News sources have reported on the Ashley Madison security breach where the 37 million users details were being held to ransom by ” The Impact Team “.

However this turns out to not be their only problem.

Users of the site need to sign up with an email account and here is where the issue lies.

If you go to the Members login , then Lost Login and enter the email address you will get 2 distinctive replies based on the email address you have entered.

This is the reply you will receive that means the email address you entered is not on the list.

This is the reply that “until a few hours ago” you will receive if the email address you entered is on the Ashley Madison list.

Notice that there is now no send box or a place to enter your email address

There are reports that this issue has now been fixed by Ashley Madison however it can occur on many websites that use this type of password recovery and the two different forgotten password pages.

More information can be found here:Your affairs were never discreet – Ashley Madison always disclosed customer identities

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