The Dangers Of USB Drives

USB Drives

USB flash drives are an extremely popular way for people to store data on but they can come with hidden dangers as was recently discovered by Channel 7 in Adelaide that bought one from an office supply store.

This USB flash drive came with 3 pieces of malware on it that originated from a foreign country.

This malware was a worm that would spread across any computer / network that it was connected to and change your Search Engine and redirect you to other malicious sites which will install more programs on your computer. This malware will always also cause numerous pop ups and error messages.

From this your computer can become a “botnet” used to transmit malware across the internet as well as transmitting what you do back to the makers of the malware.

So what can you do ?

When you buy a USB drive , format the drive , that means wiping the drive of any data.

Make sure you have a good antivirus , Windows Defender on Windows 10 was the only antivirus that immediately identified the malware and removed it.

Only some others did it as an afterthought but you had to act to remove it.


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