The Issue With Outlook

Outlook can and does have issues for many people and businesses out there

Email correspondence is very important to us but sometimes things can go wrong

When using Outlook you have to remember that Outlook is essentially a blob of data and we keep packing more and more information into that blob and it grows steadily over time

We cram our emails , appointments , tasks and notes into it thinking it will always work and we will have access to it no matter what – but things can go wrong.

  • That , blob” can get errors in it
  • That blob can fail when it gets too big – ( you should be keeping its size down by archiving it
  • That blob can fail when it has an issue with an add-in such as an antivirus

People rarely back it up and when disaster strikes – they may not get everything back

Many people still use POP accounts instead of IMAP – if you use IMAP accounts your emails are living on the cloud as well as your device.

What is the difference between POP & IMAP

IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol)

Emails are stored on the server.
Sent messages are stored on the server.
Messages can be synced and accessed across multiple devices.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

Emails are stored on a single device.
Sent messages are stored on a single device.
Emails can only be accessed from a single device.
If you want to keep messages on the server, make sure the setting “Keep email on server” is enabled or all messages are deleted from the server once downloaded to the app or software.

The purpose of this post is to consider and understand that your current email solution may need addressing.

If you are having issues with Outlook here is a link to fix many issues with Outlook

Troubleshoot & Fix Common Problems With Outlook 

If you are having issues or want to discuss your email issues – Contact Me

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