You suddenly get a message on your computer saying you have been hacked or infected and the message looks like it has come from Microsoft.

Its not Microsoft – they will not do this, they have no idea what is going on with your computer.

It will tell you not to turn your computer off , to call a number – you should turn the computer off , but recent feedback tells me that few do.

If you call the number , they will want to logon to your computer – this is even a worse idea

So what will they do when they logon to your computer?

They will go through and try and harvest all your users names and passwords , including banking passwords

If you have let them on, you will need to contact your bank and shut down your accounts.

The bank will then inform you that you need to have someone (like me ) to check your computer before they reactivate your accounts.

You will have to change the password of any account you have saved to your computer, why, because you let them on and they have a record now of these passwords.

How did this happen?

You went to an infected website that caused a full screen notification to appear. Let me repeat it is fake.

How could this have been stopped?

Turn off notifications in your browser. Here is how you do this: Turn Off Notifications

Your antivirus will not help you

Don’t be gullible and don’t let anyone you do not know logon to your computer.

If you need help with the security on your computer and devices CONTACT ME.

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