The Muvi X – Lapse Review – Get A 360 Degree View

I like the accessories that you can get for smartphone cameras now , being that smartphone cameras are the camera of choice for so many people now.

The MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount offers for a great price a way for you to take a 360 degree time lapse video by securing your small camera , smartphone or even a Go Pro to it. 

You place your phone / camera in the top and it is held by the clips or you can mount your camera or Go Pro to the top with the screw hole or use a tripod to hold the MUVI X-Lapse 

The MUVI X-Lapse will take a camera / phone up to 750g in weight.

You then wind the MUVI X-Lapse to the desired degree and it will then start to revolve at 6 degrees a minute which means it will take 1 hour for it to rotate the full 360 degrees.

Then use software to make a video of your 360 degree view to assist you with looking for the creative touch with time lapse photography.

Please note : Don’t want to be in the film , just move ahead or stay behind as it turns.

The MUVI X-Lapse also comes with feet that you can unfold for stability. 

The Muvi X is available from Mobile Zap and at the time of this article was only $23.49

Mobile Zap , suppliers of accessories for everything mobile , great accessories including accessories for the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S5

Author: Adelaide Techguy

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