The Olympus OM-D Mark II Review – A Great Camera

I have been lucky enough to try the Olympus OM-D Mark II and have really enjoyed my time with this camera.

Here are some points from my time with the camera:

  • It is very well made as you would expect from Olympus with great images coming from the Micro Four Thirds sensor.
  • The silver one I had looks a bit retro and it really is a great camera to hold , yes something you do with a camera but not all cameras are great to hold.
  • Nice fast autofocus and love using the autofocus on the LCD screen
  • Great in low light as one of the photos above will testify to
  • The Olympus has built-in Wi-Fi for remote control shooting (aperture, shutter speed etc)

In conclusion I have enjoyed my time with the Olympus OM-D Mark II , a great camera that takes great photos , so nice in face I am going to buy one , I am that impressed.

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Author: Adelaide Techguy

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