The Optus Issue – What Do You Need To Do

Most people would be aware that Optus suffered an attack which resulted in users – both current and past – details being stolen.

What details were taken :

  • Customers’ names
  • Dates of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • email addresses

Plus for certain customers there ID documents such as drivers license , passport numbers and reported today , maybe medicare numbers.

The state government is assisting people with new licenses : SA Government to waive replacement drivers license fee for Optus customers

So, what do you need to do?

Firstly, you should just take it as a fact that your details have been released.

What May Happen?

You may get letters sent to you that look like they were from Optus because they have your address .

Scammers could have enough information to take over bank accounts, or open new, fraudulent ones in the names of victims.

You will receive phone calls from scammers saying that they are from Optus – if this happens confirm with Optus by hanging up and ringing them back on their number – not the number that called.

Turn on two-factor identification for your online accounts – (Google , Microsoft , Apple etc), meaning an extra layer of protection on top of the password.

If you used your Optus password elsewhere on another account, you need to change everywhere you used that Optus password.

If a customer receives an email from Optus and is wondering if it’s legitimate, they should contact the company themselves, rather than clicking on any links in that email.

Here is a helpful link from Lifehacker : What Does the Optus Data Breach Mean for You? A Step-By-Step Guide

Is my email involved in a data breach : Data Breach How To Know if You Are Involved

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