The Problem With WiFi In Homes And Businesses

WiFi – does it get to all the parts of your home or business and is the speed mirrored from that of the router.

Does the signal at one end of the house continually drop out because the signal struggles to get that far.

So what can you do ?

Be careful about recommendations to extend your WiFi coverage – I recently had a client who had her router swapped ( made no difference ) – extenders were put in (still dropped out )

First look at your router – if it is more than 3 years old – you may need another one

If you have poor speed coming into your home 3MB or less it may struggle to be “ boosted “ to all areas of your home

If you are encouraged to use or invest in an extender be aware that they may also struggle

Consider investing in a wireless mesh network system for your home , such as Google WiFi which is an almost foolproof way to extend your coverage. They’re easy to set up and manage via a smartphone app. They make up it for in simplicity and range. The best mesh systems have a dedicated backhaul that their access points use to talk to one another, ensuring you get the best speeds possible for your faraway devices.

Google WiFi – Great Coverage – Great Device – Plus Parental Controls

If you need assistance in sorting out your WiFi issues – Contact Me

Author: Adelaide Techguy

Richard Pascoe is a technology consultant & technology commentator for the media on FIVEaa , ABC Adelaide , PowerFM , 5MU , 7AD and 7BU and has been seen on the Channel 7 news , Channel 9 News , Channel 10 news and Today Tonight . Richard gives his opinions on Microsoft , Google , Apple and deals with personal computers , smartphones and tablets.

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